Locks Re-key

Did your tenants shift and handed over the key to you but still unsure of security?

Lost the key to your lock and have given up on it?

Has your roommate moved out and didn’t bother to return you the key?

Have you moved into a new home and can’t really rely on the previous landholder, babysitter, etc for lock key?

Or have you misplaced your keys and don’t want to take chance with security?

Don’t worry at all LOCK RE-KEY is a solution to all your burning problems which saves a lot of time and expense of having to change the locks on your doors due to any of these situations.

Without having to change the entire lock system, Lock Rekey is what you need to suffice home security to a great degree. Our professional, trained, licensed, insured and bonded locksmiths can rekey locks for a fraction of the cost of installing an entirely new lock system.

To Lock Rekey the interior tumblers inside the lock are changed to a different size which will no longer accept the original key set. Our technicians make a new set of keys and the lock rekeying process will eliminate any worry that old keys that are floating around for this lock will be used to compromise your safety or security.

There are situations when handling so many keys to numerous locks becomes cumbersome and hence there arises the need to have a master key for all your locks. You will love the convenience of having all of your locks respond to one master key. The technicians at 24Hr Mobile Emergency Locksmith are fully skilled to do this job.